– 1st Survey report (file to download) (survey was organized during the first stage of the project)

– In purpose to see the situation in every project country and to get the Survey report initial survey was organized in every partner country. The results were as follow:

Final survery results:

– Posters made in Partners countries (more about this result you can find in our Facebook page)

Back to School Agenda:

– 50 specific outdoor plays, some outdoor plays have been already suggested when partnership had preparational activities for 1st Learning Teaching Training Activity (LTTA) which is planned in Poland, therefore all preparation was organized online (31/05 – 02/06 2021).

Suggested outdoor plays (please, click on the name and see the content or download the file) :

  1. Dinosaurs hunting (
  2. Melting Crayons (
  3. Paint like Monet (
  4. Painting stones with watercolors
  5. Rock Paper Scissors (
  6. Tag Game (
  7. The Bug Hunt (
  8. The Outdoor Game (
  9. We’re Going to The Zoo (
  10. Playing with a sprinkler (

– Website which includes information about project and as well project’s results, experiences and good practices description

– Activities (outdoor education) with kids:

In February-March, 2021, together with children partnership experienced gardening (we selected cultural plans, herbs, vegetables and dig them, as well took care of them, watched how they were growing, as well we shared pictures and impression, feedback and insights got from kids with all partnership). The action of sharing took place in Facebook, also during online meetings in zoom platform. It was nice to see how kids take care of the plants, to get their feedback.

Planting activities in Lithuania:

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Planting activities in Poland:

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– The 1st Learning Training Teaching Activity (LTTA) was organzied in Poland.
More information could be found (HERE)


E-book related to LTTA in Poland

Planting activities in Romania:

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Planting activities in Spain:

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