Save your environment, save your future

Duration: 01/09/2020 – 31/08/2022 (extended till 31/08/2023)


The main aim is to integrate small schools in rural areas and larger schools in metropolitan cities, and is to put outdoor play closer to the level of growth of children in order to enhance their participation and constructive engagement in their neighborhoods.


  • To share experiences and practices related to teaching of outdoor games between primary level teachers from various European countries
  • To promote the production of outdoor playing teaching resources appropriate for schools
  • To develop the environmental awareness among children
  • To provide children with individual and social commitment and responsibility
  • To enhance the role and position of the school inside the local communities
  • To popularize an active citizenship and social/civic responsibility

The project events and activities will allow the children to play outdoors and show the children individual responsibilities for nature and hence the environment. Therefore, they are going to be more aware of preserving nature.


The project mainly addresses:

  • Teachers
  • Children (4 -11 y.o.)

The project also involves:

  • parents
  • local authorities
  • representatives of NGOs
  • members from regional communities